What can Mobile311 do for Law Enforcement?

With officers spending critical time out in the field and away from their desks, it is essential they have the information necessary to make the right decisions at their fingertips. By arming Law Enforcement officials with a simple icon on a smartphone or tablet, you can provide them with the tools to spend more time in the field and make informed decisions.

It's easy-to-use. Mobile311 sends information back to a hosted web service. There is no software to install and no complex equipment to buy. Anyone can learn to use Mobile311 quickly. Units can monitor all departmental activities in real time, view important call details, maintain their own status for assigned calls and send secure messages to other units.

Deploy Mobile311 to your own crews or ask about how you can provide the solution to your citizens so you can have more eyes and ears around your municipality.

Mobile311 is the best way to get data from the field to the office.

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Easy-to-use Smart Phone Application

Intuitive and Powerful Web Map Interface

  • Simple and clear design makes it easy for anybody to learn to use Mobile311 quickly.
  • Designed with workers in mind.
  • It utilizes the phones GPS to accurately mark locations.
  • Attach photos and recordings to work requests for richer data.
  • Data is uploaded and displayed instantly.
  • Runs on most smartphones and tablets running iPhone or Android.
  • Allows you to view, manage, and create incidents and work requests.
  • There is no software to install. We securely host your data so that it is accessible from any computer with an internet connection.
  • Integrates your GIS data so you can leverage the information you have already invested in.
  • Updates in real-time.
  • View and print detailed reports and maps.
  • Export data to a Work Order System or Microsoft Excel.

Mobile311 Solutions

I need a better way to track graffiti.
Capture basic data including location and date at the touch of a button.

I need analysis of this graffiti tag right away.    
A picture is worth 1000 words.  Attach photos to data points for analysis at headquarters. 

I need to see where graffiti tags are moving. 
Follow trends on the visual web map interface.  Quickly see where gangs are moving. 

With officers on foot and bikes, I need something more mobile than a laptop.
Mobile311 works on a standard smartphone that the officer is already carrying. 

I need something that can be used in an emergency.
Mobile311 is so simple emergency crews can take advantage of it in minutes.  

I need to track items in areas with poor or no cell phone network. 

Captured data is stored locally on the mobile device and can be submitted when coverage is restored or over a wireless network.

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