Solid Waste

What can Mobile311 do for Solid Waste?

All of us struggle with streamlining departments. This is a universal issue, particularly prominent in government, where there is a large level of transparency and accountability. Collection costs often account for 50-70% of a solid waste operation budget.

The good news is that modern technology allows us to achieve better reporting and better responding with little to no impact on our day-to-day routine. By arming Solid Waste employees with a simple icon on an inexpensive tablet or smartphone, you can realize significant savings in fuel, vehicle maintenance and worker overtime.

Deploy Mobile311 to your own crews or ask about how you can provide the solution to your citizens so you can have more eyes and ears around your municipality.

Mobile311 is the best way to get data from the field to the office.
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Easy-to-use Smart Phone Application

  • Simple and clear design makes it easy for anybody to learn to use Mobile311 quickly. 
  • Designed with workers in mind. 
  • It utilizes the phone's GPS to accurately mark locations. 
  • Attach photos and recordings to work requests for richer data. 
  • Data is uploaded and displayed instantly. 
  •  Runs on most smartphone and tablets running iPhone or Android.

Intuitive and Powerful Web Map Interface
  • Allows you to view, manage, and create work requests. 
  • There is no software to install. We securely host your data so that it is accessible from any computer with an internet connection. 
  • Integrates your GIS data so you can leverage the data you have already invested in. 
  • Updates in real-time. View and print detailed reports and maps. 
  • Export data to a Work Order System or Microsoft Excel.

Mobile311 Solutions

I need to cut back on fuel consumption.
Have garbage truck drivers mark brush, junk, and large items so other drivers can go point to point to pick them up.

An urgent pick up is needed. I need to reassign a unit.
See instantly which unit is closest to the issue on the web interface.

A resident has complained about a missed pick up.
With the breadcrumbs feature, see where and when your unit was. See if your truck was there before the pick up was curbside. Many clients have the drive flag any cans that are either not out or inaccessible so you know about it before the citizen calls.

My crews want to contribute more to the community.
Help out other departments by flagging pot holes, down signs, and more.

A citizen has called in a pick up and I need to put it into the system.
Use the flag tool to input work requests directly on the map from your computer.

I need to present to Council.
Show visually all the work you've completed and how wisely you spent your budget with the map interface and print outs.

I need to track items in areas with poor or no cell phone network.
Captured data is stored locally on the collection device and can be submitted when coverage is restored or over a wireless network.

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