What can ConnectGIS do for the Tax Office?

The tax map is an invaluable tool supporting the Assessor. ConnectGIS adds digital layers to a tax map, combined with the power of GIS,  enabling a tax office to store, manipulate, and analyze the data easily and efficiently .   The tools and layer aliases on your ConnectGIS map are extremely user-friendly and can be customized to your needs.  Even first time users can easily find their way around the map settings.

Utilizing a GIS mapping system for your tax office can make data and tax mapping functions accessible to the citizens of your municipality, as well as the businesses that rely on this type of information.   
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ConnectGIS Viewing Features

ConnectGIS Data Features

  • Corresponding numbers make data points easily identifiable
  • Collapsible panels allow for a full window map view
  • Display layer aliases in any order in the side panel without changing how the map looks
  • Easily turn on or off all layers or groups of layers with a single click
  • Cloak field/layer names with simpler aliases
  • Overview map allows for quick navigation around map
  • Unlimited hyper-linking to external data(ex. photos, tax forms, blueprints, websites, etc.)
  • Map themes allow you to quick change between different data sets (ex. tax, zoning, etc.)
  • View user statistics
  • Custom login profiles control who has access to what maps
  • Quick Search makes the most common searches readily available
  • Comparative value tool lets you find similar parcels

ConnectGIS is the easiest way to get your GIS data online and looking great.

Your data can be online in as little as a day.  Not only does it provide a professional looking portal to your citizens, it also has powerful online management tools.

ConnectGIS is a web mapping interface and hosting service utilizing ESRI ArcGIS Server.  Our software has been refined to be very intuitive for the non-GIS user, as well as provide powerful capabilities for GIS professionals.  The interface is fully functional with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari without the need for the user to download any plugins.  It also works on smartphones and tablets.

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