What can Mobile311 do for Utilities?

Mobile311 allows crews to report information from the field using the standard cell phone network and Mobile311 software.  By arming employees with a simple icon on a touchscreen mobile device, you can provide them with the tools to spend more time in the field and make informed decisions.  

While this software is an easy solution for administrators looking to keep field assets operating at peak efficiency, Mobile311 is also a program designed with the end-user in mind.  The touchscreen buttons are so user-friendly that a brand new user can pick it up easily.  Deploy Mobile311 to your own crews or ask about how you can provide the solution to your citizens so you can have more eyes and ears around your municipality.

Mobile311 is the best way to get data from the field to the office. 

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Easy-to-use Smart Phone Application

Intuitive and Powerful Web Map Interface

  • Simple and clear design makes it easy for anybody to learn to use Mobile311 quickly.
  • Designed with workers in mind.
  • It utilizes the phones GPS to accurately mark locations.
  • Attach photos to work requests for richer data.
  • Data is uploaded and displayed instantly.
  • Runs on most smartphones and tablet running iPhone or Android.
  • Allows you to view, manage, and create work requests.
  • There is no software to install. We securely host your data so that it is accessible from any computer with an internet connection.
  • Integrates your GIS data so you can leverage the data you’ve already invested in.
  • Updates in real-time.
  • View and print detailed reports and maps.
  • Export data to a Work Order System or Microsoft Excel.

Mobile311 Solutions 

I need a better way to respond to items identified by feeder patrols. 
Get real-time data from Mobile311, including pictures, and have it alert you when urgent issues are flagged.  

My crews aren't tech savvy and I need a simple solution to get data from the field.     
Mobile311 is very easy to use and allows crews to document issues using photos and text notes.

I have too many devices.
Mobile311 is an all-in-one solution: camera, phone, GPS, email, and Mobile311.

Regulators are putting me on the spot. 
Impress them by analyzing data instantly on the web-based map.

I can track a truck, but crew members aren't always in their trucks.
Mobile311 is portable and can tracks the crew member if needed.  

I need to quickly perform damage assessment after an emergency. 
Fill out custom damage assessment forms in the field using Mobile311.

I need to provide ad hoc reporting for management.
Mobile311 website allows for powerful & intuitive reporting.  You can choose a map based report or tabular formats.  Both are easy to use and be exported. 

I need to track items in areas with poor or no cell phone network, such as when a hurricane knocks out cell towers. 

Captured data is stored locally on the collection device and can be submitted when coverage is restored or over a wireless network.

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